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Our Approach

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Whether our clients need to uncover the potential of raw land, revitalize existing property back to glory, or completely transform a property’s use to enhance overall value, our team strategizes a plan that provides our clients a clear path to maximize potential.

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With your vision and a solution established, our team will conceptualize development plans factoring in highest and best use, while securing town & city approvals. 

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Our team coordinates with trusted engineers, architects, and contractors to begins the property transformation. With our team providing efficient project management we can ensure everyone involved is aligned throughout the development process.

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Even when the development is complete, our work continues. With our multi-faceted approach and diverse skillset, we provide support in managing facilities, engaging potential investors, securing future tenants, and more.

Our Services

Outline of the architectural and engineering design parameters, objectives, and processes to be utilized in the development project. This will include initial concept development, schematic design, design development, and final design specifications.

Town Zoning 

Analysis of existing zoning bylaws and ordinances to ensure the development complies with all local regulations. Strategies for seeking variances or amendments to zoning codes, if necessary, will be detailed.


Procedures for engaging with local authorities to identify and secure ANR endorsements where subdivisions of land do not require official approval, expediting the development process.

Coordination with municipal planning departments to align the development plan with town master plans, community objectives, and engage in the public input process.

Site Development: Comprehensive strategies for the physical development of the site, covering land clearing, grading, utility installation, infrastructure development, and landscaping.

Permitting: Detailed approach for obtaining necessary permits, including building, land use, environmental, and special permits as required by local, state, and federal agencies.

Development of a financial plan, including cost estimates, funding sources, revenue projections, and cost controls to ensure the project is completed within the set financial parameters.

Project Management

Establishment of protocols for managing all aspects of the project lifecycle, from initial design to construction completion. This includes scheduling, contractor selection, risk management, and quality control.

Owner's Project Management

Provision for hiring an OPM to act as the owner’s representative, ensuring alignment with the owner’s objectives and meeting all regulatory requirements throughout the project.

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