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Barons of Boston Episode #3 – Dave Ellis

If you missed the latest episode of Barons of Boston with Joe Zanca, be sure to check it out here!
There’s some great advice for burgeoning entrepreneurs and words of encouragement from this week’s guest David Ellis, here are a few gems from the conversation.

🔅 Perception isn’t always reality.

🔅 Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from getting started.

🔅 No matter the industry, embrace technology.

🔅 When it comes to making decisions on the spot, keeping calm and being mindful is the key. Dave is a fan of “Stillness Is The Key” by Ryan Holiday as a resource to help.

Thanks to Joe Zanca for putting this together. Getting to hear these successful business owners share their insights can be monumental for those just starting out on their journey. Looking forward to the next one!


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